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2018 Metamora Marching Band Invitational & MPC "Snare in the Square"

38th Annual
Metamora Marching Band Invitational
& 6th Midwest Percussion Cooperative "Snare in the Square" Competition
Saturday, October 6, 2018

The 38th annual running of this contest features a great stadium for marching bands, and excellent well-rounded panel of adjudicators, and wonderful festival atmosphere throughout the day. The competition is one of the largest and oldest, continuous running, high school-sponsored competition in the state of Illinois. Attendees are usually drawn from Illinois, eastern Iowa, and western Indiana. Bands receive a video of their performance along with adjudicator tapes. Judging sheets are similar to BOA.

Admission Prices:
Adults - $7
Students - $5
Seniors - $5
Program - $3
2018 Concessions:
Pork Chop         $5
Cheeseburger   $4
Hot Dog            $3
Popcorn            $1
 Soda/Water     $2
Chips              $1 


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