To check your student’s account:

For newer students, the password is initially set to their First Initial followed by their Last Name.  (i.e. JSmith or jsmith).  Some of the older students had their password initially set to their MTHS student ID#.  (It is highly recommended that you change your password for added security.  If you forget your password, please email the band director to have it reset.  The “Change Password” button is on the “Home” tab.)

Click on “Update Info” to verify your student’s personal information and to add/change adult information associated with your student.  

Click on “Finances” to see your student’s account statement.  Scroll down to see trip, fixed payment, fundraising and miscellaneous account detail.  

Charms only allows fixed payments to be made in full.  If you want to make a partial payment, please make it to your miscellaneous account.  If a trip or fixed payment shows not paid on the due date, the treasurer will check to see if sufficient funds are in the miscellaneous account and will make the transfer to complete the payment due.  You can also request this transfer anytime through Charms.  Charms will notify the treasurer that you want a transfer and the treasurer will then make the appropriate entry.  

Payments can be made online through Charms using PayPal or by cash or check using the box in the band room.  

When using PayPal, please remember to hit the button to return to the Metamora Township HS Band after completing your payment.  If using instant payment methods, your payment should show up immediately in Charms.  If you do not remember to hit the return button, the payment does not get logged directly into Charms.  However, an email from PayPal is sent to the director stating that the payment has been made and the treasurer is notified to make the Charms entry. In this case, the payment may not be viewable in Charms for a few days.  If the PayPal payment is made using the eCheck option, then this transaction takes a few days to clear, similar to a regular check.  The treasurer will periodically review the Band PayPal account to make sure all payments have been recorded in Charms.